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Mental Health

Support in the community for people who have mental health difficulties, their families and carers.


Coronavirus - advice and support in Swansea

For most people, the first point of contact for support with mental health problems is their  GP who will identify whether an assessment from a mental health professional is required.

The Local Primary Mental Health Support Service is accessed via a GP.  It provides assessment and structured short-term therapy and support in the community for mild mental health issues such as phobias, depression, obsessive compulsive disorder, social anxiety or other interpersonal issues.  Support available includes counselling and cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and may be provided on a one-to-one or group basis.  There are also links with a number of community groups that help people build their confidence.

Community Mental Health Teams, which include both social care and health service staff, cover the Swansea area.  Their main role is to provide an assessment and care co-ordination service for people who have severe or enduring mental illness that significantly impacts on their functioning or ability to manage daily living. People with mental health problems are usually put in touch with the Community Mental Health Teams by their doctor. 


Services and support

Social Services works in partnership with Swansea Bay University Health Board, an alliance of mental health day service providers and service user/carer groups in Swansea to provide a network of services for people who have severe or enduring mental health problems, their families and carers. 

Services available for people with mental health problems who meet the eligibility criteria for support include day services, both at Cwmbwrla Day Centre and in the community. There are also close links with local colleges and residential services that can form part of a rehabilitation programme.  These services are intended to help people receive effective treatment, care and support and develop skills and interests so that they can live as fulfilled and independent a life as possible. 

The principles of recovery are followed and an individual's programme will evolve as their need changes. Service users are encouraged to become involved in leading groups and activities as well as participating. Value is placed on individual belief, choice and aspiration, promoting maximised independence and community integration. 

If your mental health deteriorates after discharge

Under the Mental Health (Wales) Measure 2010, people who are discharged from secondary mental health services can refer themselves back to the service for assessment within a 3 year period. Find out how to how to PDF Document re-access services if your mental health deteriorates (PDF, 83KB)Opens new window.

Welsh Government Information

In 2012 the Welsh Government drew up a 10-year strategyOpens new window  for improving the lives of people using mental health services, their carers and their families.  

The Mental Health Act 1983 Code of PracticeOpens new window (updated in 2016) provides guidance relating to people detained under that Act.  This includes guidance for professionals and information for patients, their families and carers.

Advice and support

There are a number of local and national organisations who advise and support around mental health and wellbeing.

The C.A.L.L. Mental Health HelplineOpens new window  for Wales offers a confidential listening and support service 24 hours a day on 0800 132 737.

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