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Challenges and commitments

The Local Service Board has identified the following challenges as the most important things to focus on through its one Swansea plan in order to make progress towards the population outcomes.

Population outcomeChallenges
A. Children have a good start in life
  1. Low birth weight
  2. Domestic abuse
  3. School readiness

B.  People learn successfully

  1. School attendance
  2. School achievement
  3. Adult qualifications

C.  Young people and adults have good jobs

  1. Youth unemployment
  2. Economic inactivity
  3. Average earnings
  4. Economic performance

D.  People have a decent standard of living

  1. Child poverty
  2. Household income
  3. Personal debt

E. People are healthy, safe and independent

  1. Preventable early deaths
  2. Life expectancy
  3. Older peoples' independence
  4. Crime

F. People have good places to live and work

  1. Public transport
  2. Carbon emissions
  3. Water quality
  4. Housing quality

Policy commitments 

The council adopted its policy commitments at council on 26 July 2012. The policy commitments are the key policy pledges that the council has identified for delivery during this electoral cycle.

1. Standing up for strong council finances

2.  Standing up for council democracy

  • Standards of conduct of elected representatives

3.  Standing up for a city of learning

  • A city of Learning
  • Ambitious for Swansea
  • High performing schools
  • A flying healthy start for all our children
  • A future for our young people

4.  Standing up for jobs and regeneration

  • A creative science city
  • A healthy city centre
  • Suburban centres
  • Regeneration and anti-poverty
  • Key sector

5.  Standing up for strong transport links

  • Sustainable transport
  • A healthy, greener Swansea
  • Public transport
  • A vibrant city centre
  • Community safety

6.  Standing up for high quality health and social services

  • Prevention, not failure
  • Localise services
  • Working together
  • Public interest above private profit
  • Invest in our people

7.  Standing up for better housing

  • Affordable housing
  • Putting people first
  • Improving housing quality
  • Empty properties
  • Community regeneration

8.  Standing up for the best in art, culture and sport

  • Cultural capital of Wales
  • City of sport
  • Creative city
  • Dylan Thomas centenary
  • Heritage

9.  Standing up for stronger and safer communities

  • Community action
  • Young citizenship
  • Celebrate diversity
  • Promote community safety
  • Anti-social behaviour

10.  Standing up for a better environment and better planning

  • Valuing our environment
  • A 'greener' sustainable Swansea
  • Value our parks and open spaces
  • Greening our city
  • Citizen and community   
  • Engagement
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Last modified on 08 November 2021