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Lost, stolen, faded or damaged Blue Badges

Contact us about missing or damaged badges.

To apply for a replacement (not renewal) badge, you can report this at or you will need to visit our contact centre in the Civic Centre. We operate an appointment system for all applications so that you will not be waiting for an unnecessarily long period.

Please telephone us on 01792 637366 to make an appointment. During the conversation we will take some details off you about how the badge was lost, stolen, damaged or how badly it is faded.

If it looks like you are still entitled to a Blue Badge, we will also tell you what evidence we will need you to bring when you come to the contact centre to complete the application.

If you might have difficulty in accessing the Civic Centre, please mention this when you telephone us to arrange an appointment and we will tell you about the arrangements we have made that will help you.

If the badge was lost or stolen, when you come to the contact centre for your appointment, we will ask you to make a written statement about the loss/theft of the badge. If it was stolen we will also ask you for the Police crime number.

If there is only a short period until the expiry date of your original badge, we may treat it as a re-application or only issue a replacement for a short period.

If you find a Blue Badge

We would be grateful if would return it to us at: Blue Badge Team, Civic Centre, Oystermouth Road, Swansea SA1 3SN. 

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