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Application to represent the council as a local authority governor

If you would like to apply please could you complete the online application form.

Local Authority (LA) governors are appointed by the Chief Education Officer and Cabinet Member for Children, Education and Lifelong Learning.

  1. Please contact 01792 636550 if you need help completing this form.

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  2. Candidate information
    1. Home address
  3. Do you have any children? *
  4. If 'Yes' please give details
  5. If 'Yes' please give details
  6. What governing body would you prefer to serve on? *
  7. Area(s) you would be prepared to travel to
  8. Is there a specific school you are interested in serving on? *
  9. If you do not specify an individual school we will use the information you have provided to match your application to an appropriate governing body with a vacancy. You can express an interest in more than one school and we will match you to the first of those schools in which a vacancy occurs.
  10. If 'Yes' what school(s) are you interested in?
  11. Skills and experience
    1. We are interested to know what skills and/or experience you could bring to a school. Detail your skills and experience to support your application (up to 300 words). There is an extensive training programme available so you will also be given the opportunity to develop any skills needed to support you in the role if necessary.
  12. How many governing bodies would you be interested in joining? *
  13. Please tell us if: *
  14. Please tick the box to confirm you have read 'the role of a school governor'
    1. Please ensure you have read 'the role of the school governor' found on our webpage at
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