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Volunteer litter picking

If you'd like to litter pick in your local area, this is how you can get involved.

Litter picking is a great way to bring a community together. It can also make a huge difference to the local environment, allowing nature to thrive and creating better spaces for everyone.

Get involved

Please arrange for your bags to be collected by the council. Rubbish bags left without prior arrangement will be regarded as fly-tipping and could lead to fines and prosecution.

Litter picking hubs

There are a number of litter picking hubs in Swansea offering equipment and support for volunteers.

The hubs provide the kit, safety guidance and insurance for you to undertake the activity safely and can be found at:

Each hub has approximately 20-30 litter pickers, hoops and hi-vis vests available to borrow. Groups can request to borrow from multiple sites if necessary (*5 sets of kit only in St Thomas).

Who can take part 

  • Individuals
  • Families
  • Groups
  • Businesses
  • Schools

What to do with the rubbish collected

Coastal and beach clean-ups
Rubbish will be collected from beaches managed by the council (Swansea Bay / Bracelet / Langland / Caswell / Port Eynon) - for other beaches you will need to contact the owners for permission and to arrange for collection of the rubbish.

  • Individuals, families, and small groups
    Please leave your collected bags safely and tidily next to any of the litter or dog bins in the locations listed above so we can easily access them. These bins are emptied daily.
  • Larger groups
    Larger group events will need to request collection of rubbish, please allow at least 5 working days' notice using the link below.

All other litter picks
Clean-ups elsewhere in Swansea will need to provide at least 5 working days' notice at the link below

Request collection of rubbish from volunteer litter pick Request collection of rubbish from volunteer litter pick

We can then contact you to arrange collection and disposal of the waste.


These volunteer litter picking initiatives are at the heart of Caru Cymru, a collaboration between Keep Wales Tidy and councils across Wales to eradicate litter and waste.

Litterpicking logos

Request collection of rubbish from volunteer litter pick

Once you have arranged a date and to borrow equipment from one of the litter pick hubs, let us know so that we can pick up the rubbish that you collect.
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