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Community Alarm Service (lifeline) - using your equipment

Important information about using your alarm.

Pendant testing

It is essential that your pendant for the community alarm is tested regularly; we recommend that your pendant is tested once a month.

You can carry out a test call by pressing the red button on your pendant. Once the call is received by the monitoring centre please inform them that you are carrying out a test call and ask if the test was successful.

At this stage they may inform you that the battery is low; if this is the case or if the pendant does not work please contact the Community Alarm Service. Arrangements will then be made to replace the pendant as soon as possible.

Personal information - any changes we need to know

It is vitally important that you inform us of any changes to your personal details, for example, people living with you, details of your health, key safe information, your doctor or nominated key holders details.

If any of your personal information has changed please contact the Community Alarm Service or the monitoring centre either by pressing your red button on your pendant or by telephoning 0300 333 2222. Please ensure you have details of all the changes to hand.

Telephone provider - if you change, we need to know

Telephone providers are upgrading their networks in order to accommodate the next generation of communication traffic. As a result of this an increasing proportion of service users are changing their telephone provider from BT to Sky, Talk Talk, Virgin, Coop and other suppliers.

If an alarm call is raised on a next generation network, there is a risk that the alarm equipment may not function reliably.

This can result in issues such as:

  • alarm activations may not raise an alarm at the monitoring centre
  • equipment failing to open a speech path
  • incomplete information presented to the monitoring centre.

Some service providers ie. BT, offer 'Free Priority Fault' repair schemes for customers who are registered as chronically sick or disabled or incapacitated and therefore housebound. Please contact your telephone provider for further details on how to apply.

If you decide to change telephone providers please ensure their telephone engineer successfully tests your lifeline unit before leaving your property to ensure continuation of service.

If you have changes or are thinking of changing provider please contact the Community Alarm Service.