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All hackney carriage and private hire drivers and vehicles operating in Swansea need to be licensed.

Alcohol and entertainment licences

The Licensing Act 2003 covers the sale and supply of alcohol, certain types of entertainment and late night refreshments.

Street trading

Street trading is selling or offering to sell any item in the street. This includes any road, path, beach, or other area to which the public have free access to.

HMO licences

Landlords of certain houses in multiple occupation (HMOs) need to apply to license their properties regardless of where they are located in Swansea. Licensing applies for all HMOs in Uplands, Castle and St Thomas wards no matter the size or number of residents.

Animal licences

We issue licences for businesses where animals are kept or cared for.

Scrap metal dealers

Any company that makes any payment for scrap metal during the course of their business should be licensed.

Caravan and camping licence

Sites used for holiday caravans and camping require a licence from us to operate.

Sex shop and cinema licence

If a premises operates as a sex shop or sex cinema it will require a licence from us.

Skin piercing licence

If you work in a business that carries out skin piercing you must have a licence.

Charities and fundraising

Charitable collection permits authorise the people collecting, make sure the money is collected securely and the total collected is accounted for.


Weighbridges are set into the ground and allow you to weigh vehicles and their contents. Weighbridges are often run by private companies who may make them available to members of the public.

Environmental permit

If your business can affect the environment through air, land or water pollution then you will need to apply for an environmental permit.