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Local Housing Allowance

If you rent from a private landlord the amount of Housing Benefit you can receive is based on the Local Housing Allowance rate for your circumstances.

The Local Housing Allowance looks at the number of bedrooms your household needs. The amount of benefit you could be paid is set by the number of bedrooms you need and not the amount of bedrooms you have or the cost of your rent.

How many bedrooms do I need?

The number of bedrooms needed is based on the number, age and sex of the people who live in your household. You are allowed one bedroom for:

  • every adult or adult couple (over 16 including same sex couples)
  • every other adult in the household (over 16 including lodgers or boarders)
  • any two children of the same sex (between ages 10 to 16)
  • any two children of different sexes (younger than age 10)
  • any other child
  • a person who does not normally live in the property but who provides regular overnight care for the claimant or their partner (as long as there is a spare bedroom in the property for them)
  • foster carers will be allowed one additional room, so long as they have fostered a child or become an approved foster carer within the last 52 weeks
  • parents with adult children in the armed forces (or reservists) who normally live with them will be able to retain the bedroom for that adult child when they are deployed on operations.

If the claimant is single and aged under 35, the category of property considered appropriate is a bedroom in shared accommodation. This means a property in which the claimant has the exclusive use of one bedroom, but shares one or more of a kitchen, a bathroom, a toilet or a room suitable for living in. There are some exceptions to this eg for people with a disability, you can check with us to find out if this would apply to you.

Local Housing Allowance rates

Local Housing Allowance has been capped at the 4 bedroom rate. Even if the size of your family means that you would normally require a property larger than 4 bedrooms, your benefit will still be based on the 4 bedroom rate.

Local Housing Allowance rates for Swansea
Number of bedroomsWeekly rate
Shared room rate£62.50
1 bedroom£103.56
2 bedrooms£113.92
3 bedrooms£120.82
4 bedrooms£166.16