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Local Housing Allowance rates

The current Local Housing Allowance rates for Swansea.

Number of rooms

Local Housing Allowance (LHA) rate.

Shared room / bed-sit

£62.50 per week

1 bedroom

£103.56 per week

2 bedrooms

£113.92 per week

3 bedrooms

£120.82 per week

4 bedrooms

£166.16 per week

Local Housing Allowance has been capped at the 4 bedroom rate. Even if the size of your family means that you would normally require a property larger than 4 bedrooms, your benefit will still be based on the 4 bedroom rate.


How many bedrooms do I need?

Single person under 35

There are some exceptions to this eg for people with a disability, you can check with us to find out if this would apply to you.

Shared room / bed-sit rate
Single person over 351 bedroom*
A couple1 bedroom*
2 children aged under 10 (either sex)1 bedroom
 2 children aged over 10 but under 16 (same sex)1 bedroom
Any other child1 bedroom
Any other adult1 bedroom

A person who does not normally live in the property but who provides regular overnight care for the claimant or their partner (as long as there is a spare bedroom in the property for them).

Please see the Carer Leaflet below for more information.

1 bedroom

If you choose to occupy a room in a shared house or a bed-sit then you will only qualify for the shared room rate.

Example: a couple with a son aged 14, a 9 year old daughter and a non-dependant in their household need 4 bedrooms.


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