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LDP vision, objectives and strategic options

This preliminary stage of the process sets the overarching aims of the LDP and puts forward various options for meeting future growth requirements over the Plan period.

  • The Vision - The core purpose of the Plan 
  • Objectives - Elaborate upon the Vision and focus on the deliverability of the Plan 
  • Strategic Options - Various scenarios for levels of future growth and broad locations to consider for accommodating this growth

LDP Objectives

The LDP Objectives elaborate upon the LDP Vision and are restricted to those which focus on the deliverability of the Plan. The Objectives identified are capable of being addressed through the land use planning system. They have been derived from the strategic principles of the Wales Spatial Plan, the aims and objectives of the Council's Community Strategy and a review of baseline evidence and relevant policy guidance.

Strategic Options

The LDP Strategic Options considered various possible scenarios of future population and housing growth for Swansea up to 2025, and identified broad locations for accommodating this growth.

Options presented did not define precise boundaries or land use allocations as site specific allocations formed part of the Deposit LDP at a later stage of the process. Instead, the Options illustrated the broad geographical areas where development may be appropriate and informed the selection of specific sites for future designation. 


The Initial Consultation Report sets out further details of this stage of the process together with summaries of the comments received.

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