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LDP habitat regulations assessment

The Council may consider whether the LDP is likely to have a significant effect on a European site directly or indirectly either alone, or in combination with other plans and projects. This process is known as Habitats Regulations Assessment (HRA). European sites are Special Areas of Conservation (SACs), Marine SACs, Special Protection Areas (SPAs) and Ramsar sites.

The European sites that have the potential to be affected by the LDP are: 

Special Areas of Conservation (SACs)

  • Carmarthen Bay and Estuaries (Marine SAC)
  • Carmarthen Bay Dunes
  • Crymlyn Bog
  • Gower Ash Woods
  • Gower Commons
  • Limestone Coast of South and West Wales
  • River Towy
  • River Usk

Special Protection Areas (SPAs)

  • Burry Inlet
  • Carmarthen Bay

Ramsar Sites

  • Burry Inlet
  • Crymlyn Bog

The HRA must be undertaken in parallel with but separately to the SA/SEA, and the findings of each process will inform each assessment. The HRA must also be revisited throughout the LDP preparation process.

Only the Deposit LDP must be subject to a full HRA as a matter of law before it is adopted, rather than the pre-deposit proposals (including the Preferred Strategy). However, it is good practice to ensure that the requirements of the Habitat Regulations and the potential effects on European Sites are considered as an iterative process from the earliest stages of the plan making process. For this reason preliminary screenings have been undertaken on the PDF Document Preferred Strategy (PDF, 1MB)Opens new window and the  PDF Document final amendments of the Preferred Strategy in July 2014 (PDF, 320KB)Opens new window.

A preliminary screening of the PDF Document Swansea LDP Deposit Plan (PDF, 1MB)Opens new window has concluded that, with the incorporation of suggested mitigation measures which have been duly made, the Deposit Plan will have no likely significant effect either alone or in combination with other plans and projects, on any European Site. No further assessment under the Habitats regulations is required in relation to the Deposit Plan. 

More information regarding the relationship between the LDP preparation processes, SA/SEA and the HRA is available to download via this link - PDF Document Relationship between the LDP preparation processes (PDF, 243KB)Opens new window.



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