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The LDP Examination

Current position on Swansea LDP Examination.

Adopted Local Development Plan (LDP)

On 28th February 2019 the Council adopted the "Swansea Local Development Plan 2010-2025". The Plan became operative on that date and now forms the development plan for Swansea, providing an up to date planning framework to guide and inform development proposals. The Swansea LDP supersedes the Swansea Unitary Development Plan, which no longer applies.


The Inspectors' Final Report on the Examination into the Swansea LDP 2010 - 2025  was published on 31st January 2019 and can be viewed via the download section below. The Inspectors' Report concludes that, subject to implementation of the binding changes set out within it, the Swansea LDP satisfies the requirements of the relevant legislation and meets the necessary 'tests of soundness'.  The Inspectors have confirmed that the Council has provided sufficient evidence to support the Plan, and that they consider the LDP policies and proposals will realistically be delivered. The binding changes are broadly consistent with those set out in the schedule of Matters Arising Changes to the Deposit Plan that arose out of the Examination process, which were subject to public consultation at the end of 2018.   The full extent of these changes are highlighted in the Inspectors Report.

Please see Examination Documents section for ALL documents and correspondence prepared and/or submitted relevant to the examination.


The statutory public consultation on the 'Matters Arising Changes' (MACs) (PDF, 20MB)Opens new window  and on the updated corresponding reports relating to Habitats Regulations Assessment and Sustainability Appraisal, and the Inspectors Matters Arising Changes (or I-MACs) to the Deposit LDP arising from the examination has now closed.  All comments received during the consultation have been formally registered and forwarded to the Planning Inspectorate for their consideration.

Copies of all duly made representations submitted during the consultation period can be viewed via the download section at or examination document ED100.


At a Council meeting on 25th October Elected Members recommended to approve a statutory public consultation on the  'Matters Arising Changes' (MACs) (PDF, 20MB)Opens new window to the Deposit LDP arising from the examination, and on the updated corresponding reports relating to Habitats Regulations Assessment and Sustainability Appraisal.  The LDP Planning Inspectors have also suggested changes to the Plan, which are known as  Inspectors Matters Arising Changes (or I-MACs) (PDF, 133KB)Opens new window, and comments are also invited on these during the public consultation.

The public consultation ran between 1st November 2018 and 14th December 2018.

The full schedule of MACs and I-MACs, the updated HRA and SA reports and consultation responses, are available to view via the examination documents section.

Alternatively, a  Representation Form (PDF, 277KB)Opens new window can be downloaded and returned by email to or post to Tracey Smith, Programme Officer, Room G.7.5 Planning Services, Civic Centre, Oystermouth Road, Swansea, SA1 3SN


w/c 15 OCTOBER 2018: Following the completion of all programmed hearing sessions, a public consultation exercise will now be carried out by the Council on the 'Matters Arising Changes' (MACs) to the Deposit LDP, and on the updated corresponding reports relating to Habitats Regulations Assessment (HRA - and Sustainability Appraisal (SA -  Subject to the approval of Elected Members at the scheduled Council meeting on the 25th October, the public consultation on the proposed MACs and related documents will be carried out during November and December 2018. Further details including specific dates and details of the consultation are available on the Council webpages at 

Please note that the Inspectors have separately produced a schedule of Inspector Matters Arising Changes (IMACs). These suggested changes are not supported by the Council. The IMACs will also be subject to consultation alongside the MACs and supporting documents.

Any representations made during the consultation will be forwarded to the Inspectors for their consideration prior to the release of the Inspectors' Final Report on the LDP, which is scheduled to be issued in January 2019. 

ED094  PDF Document Matters Arising Changes' (MACs) to the Deposit LDP - Full Schedule of Proposed Changes to the Plan. (PDF, 29MB)Opens new window

ED095 PDF Document Updated HRA (June 2018) - to include confirmation of implications of the ruling of the Court of Justice of the European Union in the case of C-323/17 People Over Wind v Coillteand MoU matters. (PDF, 1MB)Opens new window

ED096 PDF Document Updated SA (November 2018) - to take account of: an assessment of the MACs and IMACs; to improve the clarity/legibility; and to address those that were raised during the Examination. (PDF, 4MB)Opens new window

ED097 PDF Document Inspectors' Matters Arising Changes (IMAC) schedule - setting out the Inspectors' suggested changes to the Plan (PDF, 133KB)Opens new window


    Planning Inspectors

    The Council submitted the Swansea Local Development Plan 2010-2025 (the 'LDP') to the Ministers of the Welsh Government for independent examination on 28 July 2017. Following formal acceptance of the submitted Swansea LDP on 4 August 2017, the Ministers of the Welsh Government have appointed Inspectors Rebecca Phillips BA(Hons) MSc DipM MCIM MRTPI and Paul Selby BEng (Hons) MSc MRTPI  to conduct the independent examination to assess the soundness of the LDP.  Rebecca Phillips has been appointed as the Lead Planning Inspector and Paul Selby as the Assistant Planning Inspector. On completion of the Examination, the Inspector will issue a Report for the Council giving recommendations for action which will be binding on the Council.

    Examination process

    The first meeting of the Examination will be a  Pre-Hearing Meeting (PHM), which will be held on Wednesday 13 December 2017 at 11.00. The PHM will take place at the Guildhall, Swansea SA1 4PE.  The purpose of the PHM is to explain and discuss procedural and administrative matters relating to the management of the Examination. The content and merits of the Plan and the representations will not be discussed at the PHM. 

    The formal Hearing Sessions of the Examination will consider the content of the Plan and deal with the representations on the Deposit LDP that have been duly made during the public consultation process.  The Hearings will commence on Tuesday 6 February 2018 at 10.00 and will be held at the Civic Centre, Oystermouth Road, Swansea SA1 3SN and will last for around two months during February and March 2018, including a number of breaks.  The specific dates for the full hearings schedule are available to view in the Hearings Programme document.  After the Hearings have been formally closed, the Examination remains open until the Inspector's Report is submitted to the Council. 

    Examination timetable

    Date of Submission of the LDP: 28 July 2017

    Date of Pre-Hearing Meeting: 13 December 2017 at 11.00 - Guildhall, Swansea

    Hearings commence: 6 February 2018 at 10.00 - Civic Centre, Swansea

    Inspector's report anticipated: 10 January 2019 (TBC)

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