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Local air quality management reports

Air quality in Swansea is continuously monitored. We are then required to submit regular reports which make up the review and assessment process to show how air quality in the area meets the standards set.

There are a number of different reports that are produced at different stages in the process.

Action plan

Once an  Air Quality Management Area (AQMA) has been designated a written plan to show how how air quality standards and objectives are to be achieved is produced. This plan has become known as the Action Plan.

Air Quality Action Plan (PDF) [5MB]

Update and screening assessments (USA)

The USAs provide an update of air quality and determine whether or not the air quality objectives are likely to be achieved.

Updating and Screening Assessment 2015 (PDF) [10MB]

Updating and Screening Assessment 2012 (PDF) [15MB]

Updating and Screening Assessment 2009 (PDF) [11MB]

Updating and Screening Assessment 2006 (PDF) [6MB]

Updating and Screening Assessment 2004 (PDF) [5MB]

Progress Reports

Progress reports provide an update of air quality.  Details of the progress made to the identified actions in the Action Plan are in Chapter 4 of this report.

Progress report 2023 (PDF) [5MB]

Progress report 2022 (PDF) [5MB]

Progress report 2020-2021 (PDF) [6MB]

Progress Report 2019 (PDF) [16MB]

Progress report 2018 (PDF) [12MB]

Progress report 2017 (PDF) [10MB]

Progress Report 2016 (PDF) [29MB]

Progress Report 2014 (PDF) [16MB]

Progress Report 2013 (PDF) [12MB]

Progress Report 2011 (PDF) [20MB]

Progress Report 2010 (PDF) [19MB]

Progress Report 2008 (PDF) [19MB]

Progress Report 2007 (PDF) [18MB]

Progress Report 2004 (PDF) [8MB]

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