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The Kingsway project updates

Latest updates and media releases on the Kingsway project development.

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Press releases

Swansea city centre's new two-way road system: Open now (July 2020)

Swansea's two-way Kingsway: Under two weeks away (July 2020)

A greener Kingsway as more trees are planted (June 2020)

Kingsway contractors set to move back on site (May 2020)

Coronavirus: Switch to two-way Kingsway postponed (March 2020)

Key work to take place on city centre roads (March 2020)

Swansea's two-way Kingsway: Two weeks away (March 2020)

More trees on the way to the city centre (December 2019)

Kingsway to be clear for Christmas (November 2019)

Regeneration sees city lead the way on going green (November 2019)

City centre roads to get new surfaces (October 2019)

Three days left to have initial say on former Oceana site (September 2019)

High-tech £30m beacon building to be influenced by public (August 2019)

£6m building overhaul to boost city centre transformation (August 2019)

Kingsway works progress towards new contractor appointment (May 2019)

Kingsway open for business as council staff move in (March 2019)

New contractor lined up to complete £12m Kingsway transformation (March 2019)

Kingsway transformation back underway (January 2019)

Free parking in Swansea for Christmas (October 2018)

Night-time roadworks: Swansea city centre (October 2018)

Kingsway motorists to switch onto their first stretch of new road surface (September 2018)

Kingsway to be clear for Christmas (September 2018)

Swansea's transformation wins new business acclaim (September 2018)

Cranes, hard hats and excavators - how Swansea is building confidence (July 2018)

Union Street junction to be improved (July 2018)

Global experts appointed to deliver Swansea digital village (June 2018)

Exciting new Swansea life for Kingsway's old road surface (June 2018)

Major Kingsway building set for homes and business overhaul (May 2018)

Kingsway trees to be transplanted in other parts of the city (May 2018)

Mature and young trees all set to be part of city centre green artery (May 2018)

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