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Kerbside collections

Information about what can be collected at the kerbside, assisted collections and missed bin collections.

Our kerbside collections includes paper, cardboard, glass, cans, plastic, food waste, and garden waste as well as household rubbish.

Missed collection

Let us know if your rubbish or recycling hasn't been collected.

Green bag collection

You can use green bags for cans, glass, paper, and cardboard. We will collect them on your green week.

Pink bag collection

You can use pink bags for plastics. We will collect them on your pink week.

Food waste collection

Use your green bin for your weekly food waste collection.

Garden waste collection

You can use the reusable white bags for your garden waste. We will collect it on your green week.

Black bag collection

Black bags are for non-recyclable household waste only.

Assisted collections

If you have problems carrying your recycling and rubbish to the kerbside you can apply for an assisted collection.

Recycling and waste collections in severe weather

To help prevent litter and keep your community tidy please follow these recycling tips in poor weather conditions.

Search recycling and rubbish collections

Use this search to help you find out when all your recycling and rubbish collections will be.

Holiday recycling + rubbish collections

There will be no changes to rubbish and recycling collections on bank holidays this year (until Christmas). All collections will take place on the normal days.

Recycling collections for flats

All the kerbside recycling services are available to all residents in flats across Swansea.
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Last modified on 25 June 2024