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Joint letter to staff - 9 April 2020

A joint letter to staff from Phil Roberts, Chief Executive; Rob Stewart, Leader and the Trade Unions UNISON, GMB and Unite.

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If you are interested in responding to this call to action, visit

Jobs currently available include: Social Services functions; front-line care for the elderly; cleaning; admin work; foodbanks; drivers and distribution; LGV drivers; manual labour; skilled trades; food preparation/catering.

The letter says:

Letter to all staff

From: Phil Roberts, Chief Executive; Rob Stewart, Leader and the Trade Unions, UNISON, GMB and Unite.

Dear colleagues,

We want to start by thanking you for all your hard work and outstanding commitment during the first few weeks of the Coronavirus crisis.

The demands on our staff and the council are unprecedented. It's not over-stating it to say we are all facing the biggest challenge of our working and personal lives.

There is no doubt the people of Swansea need their council services more than ever.

These are not normal times and it is not business as usual for our workforce and our services. We have been, and we will have to continue, asking you to go beyond the normal call of duty. 

If we are to keep the city running, protect the vulnerable and save lives we need you to work in different ways and we will need many of you to take on new roles.

Many of our critical services are now becoming 24/7 operations to cope with the growing demands of Coronavirus.

This virus knows no boundaries and this means we'll need staff to work different hours and patterns so that we are available during the night, weekends and bank holidays.

As a council and your union representatives we are issuing a joint call to arms to you. We need you to continue going that extra mile for the people of Swansea, many of whom will be our family, friends, neighbours and colleagues.

As an employer and with joint union agreement secured, we desperately require our workforce to be flexible over where and when you work. We are confident we can meet the huge challenges we now face.

We know this is a big sacrifice for you to make at a time of growing personal and work pressures but we really have no choice as we head towards the peak of the crisis.

You have already shown huge loyalty and commitment and this is not going unrecognised by us and the people of Swansea.

Our commitment back to you is that despite the massive organisational and financial challenges we're facing, we will:

  • Ensure no-one loses pay because of Covid-19.
  • Pay the appropriate rates of pay for work outside of your normal patterns of work.
  • Be as flexible as possible on the accumulation of TOIL and leave and to allow this to be converted into additional cash payments, where appropriate.
  • Of course we will provide the necessary PPE to staff who are working or volunteer to cover critical care roles.
  • And we will continue to listen to employee concerns and give advice.

Many of you will at some point need to self-isolate during this crisis. Many of you will not be able to work as normal because of your, or a loved one's ill-health. We will all rely on the critical services provided by the council and our NHS.

We know you will rise to this challenge and by putting these commitments in place we want to give something back to our dedicated workforce at a time when we and the people of Swansea need you the most.

This is our chance to help the NHS save lives and we thank you for everything you are doing.



Chris Cooze

Branch Secretary


Dorothy Gordon

Branch Secretary


Jason Stranigan

Branch Secretary

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