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Information for parents - primary and secondary schools

Information for the parents/guardians of primary and secondary pupils in the 2023 / 2024 academic year.

Dear Parent

This information for parents booklet will assist parents who are seeking a place at a Swansea school and also provide information for parents who have children transferring from nursery to reception, primary to secondary schools for September 2023.

This booklet contains information about schools in the Swansea area and explains how the admission process works and also contains information about some of the services that the Education Department provides. For additional information about a particular school you can contact the headteacher of that school who will be able to provide a copy of the school prospectus.

If you have any queries in relation to the content of this booklet you can contact The School and Governor Team

Information for parents booklet 2023 / 2024 (PDF)

Information for parents booklet 2023 / 2024
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