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Information for childcare providers

Data protection and personal data sharing information.

Together we'll keep children and young people safe as we rebuild from Covid-19

Non-statutory guide for practitioners

The Welsh Government has produced this non-statutory guide to remind practitioners working across agencies of their responsibilities to safeguard children and to support them in responding to concerns about children at risk.

Please share this with your networks.

The coronavirus pandemic (Covid-19) has presented new and difficult challenges for everyone. Many households have been put under strain or have faced adversity because of the social, psychological and economic impact of the pandemic and of lockdown. We know that practitioners working across agencies in the statutory and third sector have had to adapt quickly to new ways of working, continuing to make sure that children and families get support. Services have done everything they can under difficult circumstances but we know that sadly some children will have come to harm without us knowing.

Many practitioners are very experienced in safeguarding practice; others may not feel as confident in this area of practice. This guide includes information that many practitioners are already aware of but we hope that pulling this together into one guide will be helpful.

This guide links to and should be used with the national Wales Safeguarding Procedures. You can download the procedures onto your mobile phone. Links for downloading the App are at the bottom of the landing page on the website at the link above. Once you have downloaded the app you do not need to have a wifi connection to view them.


Guidance to re-open and safely deliver childcare

Guidance to support childcare settings to reopen and to operate safely has now been published. This guidance has been developed with childcare umbrella bodies and other key stakeholders and includes detailed information on areas such as infection prevention and control, applying the 'test, trace, protect' strategy in childcare settings, and social distancing: Welsh Government guidance to support childcare settings

Notifying CIW about Covid-19 cases in regulated services

Dear provider,

On 12 March we asked you to notify CIW of all suspected and confirmed cases of Covid-19 in staff and people using the service. We want to thank you and your team for your diligence in making these notifications.

Your notifications provided essential intelligence about the spread and prevalence of Covid-19 in regulated services and enabled us to advocate on behalf of people using services, providers and staff working in them. We shared this with Welsh Government and Public Health Wales to assist in securing the appropriate support and inform policy decisions.

As testing has rolled out and become more available, we believe the time is right to stop requesting notification of suspected Covid-19 cases. We do want providers to continue to notify us of each confirmed Covid-19 cases only - those with a positive Covid-19 test result.

Please use the infectious disease notification on CIW online to notify us as you would any infectious disease. We will soon be introducing changes to this notification to make it easier for you to make these notifications and will keep you updated as this progresses.

We know Responsible Individuals (RIs) and nominated online assistants are not always available or have capacity to report to us. RIs can delegate other people working at their service to make notifications on their behalf. Those chosen will become designated online assistants. Find out more about nominating online assistants on our CIW website.

Childcare offer registration for childcare providers

Guidance and registration for childcare providers to sign up for the 30 hour childcare offer

Register your food business - childminders

All food businesses need to be registered before starting any food operations.

Welsh Government privacy notice

Monitoring information of parents, children and providers using the Childcare Offer.

The Wales Accord on the Sharing of Personal Information (WASPI)

The Wales Accord on the Sharing of Personal Information (WASPI) provides a framework for service-providing organisations directly concerned with the health, education, safety, and social well being of people in Wales.

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