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Infectious diseases

Information and advice about infectious diseases and preventing the spread of them.

Infectious diseases are caused by living organisms like viruses, bacteria and fungi. They can spread through contact with another person, through the air, contaminated food or exposure to contaminated blood or bodily fluids. Children and elderly people tend to have a weaker immune system so may become ill more easily.

Keeping yourself and other people safe from infectious diseases

There are a number of things you can do to cut the risk of catching an infectious disease or passing it on to someone else:

  • wash your hands often
  • catch coughs and sneezes in a tissue and dispose of it in a bin
  • cover cuts
  • make sure food is cooked properly
  • prepare your food on a clean work surface and use clean utensils
  • stay at home if you are sick
  • make sure you are up to date with vaccinations
  • if you are travelling abroad check if there are any common disease or if you need a vaccination. You check what vaccines you may need on the MASTA website.

Information about infectious diseases

Infections information from Welsh Government (opens new window)

Infectious diseases: detailed information from (opens new window)

Infection prevention and control guidance from Public Health Wales (opens new window)

Public Health Wales have guidance on infection prevention and control for specific settings, scenarios and infections. These include care homes, childcare and educational settings, healthcare settings and prisons.

Infection prevention and control: guidance for specific settings, scenarios and infections guidance from Public Health Wales (opens new window)

Further infection control guidance for care homes

Norovirus: managing outbreaks in acute and community health and social care settings from (opens new window)

Further infection control guidance for childcare and nurseries

Regulations and national minimum standards: childcare and play services from Care Inspectorate Wales (opens new window)

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Last modified on 09 September 2021