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Inclement weather - school closures explained

During the winter months, Swansea and the surrounding area can be affected by inclement weather. This can result in the temporary closure of some of our schools.

Why schools sometimes make the decision to close

The decision to close the school is taken by the Headteacher; following a risk assessment that is based on a number of factors. This decision has to be taken without knowing how the weather will progress during the day.

Issues considered include whether there is catering available, if bus services are running, whether the site is safe for pupils/staff and if conditions worsen will pupils be able to return home safely.

If at all possible, the school will remain open.

In the interests of pupil welfare, if it is necessary to close a school because of extreme weather conditions, you would be notified as follows:


We are aware that some people experience problems gaining access to this site during such times. This is due to an unprecedented amount of visitors to the council website, during periods of very bad weather. Please bear with us should this problem occur, the local radio stations The Wave and Swansea Sound are contacted directly by schools with details of any closures that may occur.

List of schools open/closed

All schools will be assumed as OPEN unless otherwise stated.

School contact details

Details of all our Swansea schools.
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