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Frequently asked questions about housing (Freedom of Information)

Find out answers to the most common questions we get asked about housing (Freedom of Information).


How many people in the local authority area are classed as homeless?
The data is published on the Stats Wales website: les/Catalogue/Housing/Homelessness 

How much money has been invested in homelessness projects?
The Supporting People Programme Grant is spent on a range of housing related support services aimed at preventing homelessness and supporting people to maintain their accommodation in the community. Listed below are the annual allocations of Supporting People Grants made by Welsh Government to the City and County of Swansea. Please find a link to the Welsh Government Website about the supporting people programme:

The grant for 2019/20 = £13,817,121
The grant for 2018/19 was £13,908,658
The grant for 2017/18 was £13,817,121
The grant for 2016/17 was £13,817,121
The grant for 2015/16 was £13,817,121
The grant for 2014/15 was £14,613,269
The grant for 2013/14 was £14,628,115
The grant for 2012/13 was £14,533,636
The grant for 2011/12 was £12,119,926
The grant for 2010/11 was £12,241,565

Homeless or at risk of losing your home

Temporary accommodation

The amount of money spent by Swansea Council on temporary accommodation for the last 5 years is as follows:

YearGross spendHousing Benefit receivedNet cost to local authority

Housing waiting list

We don't routinely keep figures from our waiting list as it changes on a daily basis. We are only able to provide a current snapshot of our waiting lists at a point in time.

Council housing stock

For previous years the housing stock figures are as follows:

19/20 - 13,534
18/19 - 13,525
17/18  - 13,528
16/17 - 13,500
15/16 - 13,494
14/15 - 13,512
13/14 - 13,555
12/13 - 13,590

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