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House to house charity collections

If your planned charity collection is from door to door, shop to shop or public house to public house, then it needs a house to house permit.

An application must be received at least 28 days prior to the collection taking place. Because only one collection can take place at any one time, the earlier you request a date the more likely you are to get the date you want. If the date you want is already booked up, we will offer you other dates.

Some national charities gain exemption from the Home Office and do not need a collection permit. There is only a need to notify us of the dates and places of collection in such cases. 

After your collection has taken place you have 28 days to submit a statement of accounts. This shows the amount raised, expenditure and final amount collected for the given organisation. You should be aware that organisations who do not comply with this requirement will not be considered for future permits.

If you are planning a house to house collection please contact us before sending your notice. If you do not contact us your requested date can conflict with an existing authorised collection, which will result in your request being refused.

Collections must be licensed irrespective of whether it is intended to collect cash donations, direct debit mandates, or donations of household goods, clothing, toys, or other items. Collections carried out by commercial companies, where a proportion of the revenues are donated to charity, must also be licensed.


If you have any problems with your application or would like more information then please contact us on 01792 635600 or email