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Swansea remembers those who suffered in genocides around the world

City residents are being urged to place a candle in their window one evening later this month as the world unities to commemorate Holocaust Memorial Day.

holocaust memorial day 2022

Communities, schools, local groups and other organisations will be joining with Swansea Council on January 27 for the annual commemoration of those who have lost their lives in acts of genocide.

This year, following consultation with relevant groups, Swansea's commemorations will take place virtually rather than in-person to help keep people safe and prevent the spread of Covid-19.

It will be led by local community groups, schools and other organisations in a video broadcast on the evening of January 27.

Rob Stewart, leader of Swansea Council, said: "January 27 marks the day in 1945 when Auschwitz, the Nazi death camp in Poland, was liberated and the remaining prisoners set free. Millions were murdered there and elsewhere across Europe simply because of their identity.

"Holocaust Memorial Day has become an occasion of remembrance for all those who have suffered and died due to acts of genocide, including in places like Dafur, Cambodia, Rwanda and Bosnia.

"We in Swansea light candles every year to commemorate their loss. We tell and re-tell the stories every year because it is by sharing these events that we remember and challenge ourselves to stand-up against such tyranny to prevent it from taking hold again."

Alyson Pugh, Swansea Council's joint Cabinet Member for Supporting Communities, said residents can pay their own individual, yet poignant tribute on the day by lighting a candle in their window at 8pm.

She said: "All around the world people will be lighting candles in their windows for Holocaust Memorial Day. So, while we won't be standing side-by-side, we will be standing together as a mark of respect and remembrance.

"Swansea Council will also be lighting up Guildhall in purple on January 27 as part of our civic commemoration for those affected by genocide."

Louise Gibbard, joint Cabinet Member for Supporting Communities, added: "It is vital that we do not forget The Holocaust and other acts of genocide which cast a dark shadow on humanity.

"It is true to say that those who forget history can be doomed to repeat it. That's why Holocaust Memorial Day is, in Swansea, an important community event, drawing together people of all faiths and none and members of other communities from across the world who have been welcomed and continue to make their home here."

The commemorative video featuring messages from schools, community organisations and others will be broadcast online at 6pm on January 27. Details on how to tune in will be revealed closer to the day.



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