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Helping rough sleepers in Swansea

We work with a number of organisations to identify people who are sleeping rough at the earliest opportunity and work with them to try to find them the right support and help.

What should I do if I see someone sleeping rough?

You can make a referral to StreetLink which is a 24 hour UK wide service that enables local services to engage quickly with people who are sleeping rough so
that they can get support and help:

You can also contact the local Rough Sleepers Intervention Team (RSIT) in Swansea - 7.00am - 3.00pm Mon - Fri and 7.00am - 12.00pm Sat - Sun:

Please include a description of the person with the time and location that you have seen them.

Call 999 if you think they are in danger of immediate harm or need medical attention.

What is sleeping rough?
Sleeping rough can mean anyone who is living and sleeping on the streets, in doorways, parks, bus shelters or in derelict buildings which are not designed to be lived in or used for temporary shelter.

Who goes out to find people who are sleeping rough and what happens once someone has been found?
The Rough Sleeper Intervention Team (RSIT) from The Wallich visit all known people who are sleeping rough in Swansea every morning from 7.00am to offer a warm drink, hot food, toiletries, clothing and help to engage with support services. The RSIT aim to identify those sleeping rough at the earliest opportunity to provide help and support to prevent sleeping rough long-term in Swansea by linking with agencies that can help.

What other help is available?
Food is currently provided for takeaway from different locations organised through Swansea TogetherOpens new window (Matthew's HouseOpens new window and Zac's PlaceOpens new window) The PDF Document emergency food provision (PDF, 822KB)Opens new window poster has more information. Services providing advice and support include Caer Las Access PointOpens new window, CrisisOpens new window, The WallichOpens new window, Shelter CymruOpens new window and Housing Options.

Why, if help is being provided, do I see people sleeping rough?
There are many reasons why people become homeless and sleep rough. For some it is very temporary, for others it may be for longer and some sleep rough intermittently. Services will always try to find the right type of accommodation for each person sleeping rough.

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