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Benefit advice if you are a landlord

Useful information for landlords if they have tenants claiming Housing Benefit or Universal Credit.

Information we can give you about Housing Benefits

The details of any benefit claim made by your tenant are confidential. If Housing Benefit is not being paid to you, we cannot even tell you if a benefit claim has been made unless we have your tenant's consent to do so.

If Housing Benefit is payable to you, we will be able to tell you:

  • the weekly entitlement (how much you will get paid)
  • when the benefit starts and finishes
  • when the entitlement changes

No other information about a claim can be given to landlords unless we have written consent from the tenant to do so.

Can we pay your tenant's Housing Benefit direct to you?

Usually, for most new tenants, the answer to this question is no. New tenants usually claim Housing benefit under the Local Housing Allowance rules and cannot simply choose to have any benefit paid directly to their landlord.

We may be able to make the payment direct to you in the following circumstances. We will need to be told that one or more of the criteria may apply and will need to see evidence supporting any statements made:

  • if your tenant has rent arrears of eight weeks or more please contact us as soon as possible. When we are satisfied that there is less than eight weeks owing we can start paying your tenant again
  • if your tenant is vulnerable and unable to manage their affairs
  • if your tenant is unlikely to pay their rent
  • if your tenant is having deductions made from Income Support or Jobseeker's Allowance to pay off rent arrears

How to request Housing Benefit payments are made to a landlord

The best way to ask us for direct payments of a tenants Housing Benefit is download and fill in the form below and then email to

Local Housing Allowance payment to landlord request form (PDF) [47KB]

If your tenants have been with you for some time (usually years) and their Housing Benefit claim does not come under the Local Housing Allowance rules, they can choose for payments to be made directly to you. However, please be aware that they can also ask us to stop paying you direct at any time.

If your tenant receives Universal Credit

If your tenant is receipt of Universal Credit all landlord queries or requests for payments are dealt with by the Department for Work and Pensions. You can find further information and advice on the website Universal Credit: information for landlords pages.

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