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Caring for your hanging basket

A guide on how to look after your hanging basket so that you can make the most of it and keep it blooming for as long as possible.

Hanging basket - wood background (Rake and Riddle).

If you take good care of your basket, you should be able to enjoy it right through the summer months until Sept/Oct time.

Before we deliver your basket, please make sure that you have a secure bracket in place so we can safely hang it up for you.

Once your basket has been delivered to you, it is your responsibility to care for it and keep it fed and watered to look its best.

As a general rule, if your basket is dry then water it thoroughly (the soil not the plants), and if your flowers need help to bloom then feed them with tomato feed.


Water your basket regularly - direct into the soil rather than over the plants/flowers themselves, even if it rains. The rainwater won't always reach the soil, especially when the plants are in full bloom, it's likely to just run off the leaves and petals.

During hot summer days you may need to water twice to keep the soil from drying out. Make sure the soil in the basket gets a good soaking and try to avoid watering when the sun is at its hottest so that the water is able to soak in rather than dry up too quickly.

Remember, the more the plants grow, the more water they'll need.


Types of feed you may need to use: high nitrogen feed for growth; tomato feed for the flowers; and a balanced feed Miracle Grow for an all-round feed.

Depending on weather conditions:

  • week 1 and 2 after receiving you basket use an all-round feed making sure that the basket is well watered and never let the basket dry out
  • week 3 and 4 use a tomato feed to promote new flowers

If the basket looks as if it is struggling in growth use a high nitrogen feed.

Repeat the feeding process throughout the summer months.

Check/follow the instructions on the feed packaging to use safely. 

Dead-heading flowers

Most of the flowers used in the baskets are self-cleansing and will not require dead-heading.


Please note: this is just a guide and not instructions. Baskets will need different care depending on whether they're positioned in full or partial sunlight.

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