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Vehicles - hackney carriage

Hackney carriage vehicles are black and carry a white licence plate on the rear of the vehicle. They also carry yellow roundels (stickers) on both front doors of the vehicle.

The plate and door roundels show the licence number of the vehicle.  The plate on the rear also displays the maximum number of passengers the vehicle is allowed to carry.  Hackney carriage vehicles must also display a roof sign signifying that it is a taxi.

Hackney carriage vehicles can pick up passengers from a designated taxi rank.  They can also be hailed or they can be pre-booked through an office.

All hackney carriages are fitted with a meter which displays the fare charged.  This fare must follow the fare structure agreed by the council.

Hackney carriage tariffs

We set the fares charged by hackney carriage proprietors within our city and county.
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