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Growing plants at home

Here are some tips from our Parks team to help make the most of your garden or windowsill while at home.

Tomatoes grown from seed. These were planted in March 2020
Last year's peppers grown from seed and flowering again
Tomatoes grown from seed. These were planted in March 2020
Last year's peppers grown from seed and flowering again

If you already have some garden supplies then have a hunt around to see if you have any old seeds, compost or plant pots. If not there are still ways you can grow things in your home.

Try using the cardboard tubes from toilet or kitchen roll to make biodegradable pots to start your growing. For a bigger pot try using some newspaper rolled into a tube. Don't forget to add a bottom to your pots so the soil doesn't fall out. You could also use empty jam jars or egg boxes. Old wooden boxes make great planters or see how you creative you can be. An old watering can, old wellies or a hessian sack could all work as well. Or you can plant things straight into the ground. Remember don't put plants in something you may want to use again.

Once you have your pots you can fill them with compost or soil. It doesn't have to be brand new compost. Most plants will grow in older compost or you could use a little bit of soil from your garden. Make sure you check with your parents before you dig up a flower bed for soil.

If you can't find things to plant then have a look what you have in your kitchen. There are lots of fruit and vegetables that have seeds inside them. Tomatoes are easy to grow from seed. Find a nice looking tomato and cut it open and scoop out the seed. You can then plant these in one of your small pots and let them grow on your windowsill. Cherry tomatoes grow well in pots or hanging baskets and can be planted outside from the end of May. You can find seeds in peppers as well which can be planted in a similar way.

Potatoes can also be grown in a big pot or bag. To start them off put a couple of potatoes on a windowsill. You can stand them up in an empty egg carton. When they start to sprout shoots it's time to plant them in your biggest pot. Plant them near the bottom of the pot and either cover in soil or compost right to the top or add a layer of compost and wait until the leaves peak over the top and add more until your pot is full. When your potato plants start to flower you can dig up your fresh potatoes.

Lettuce and cabbage can also be left to sprout so you can grow new plants from old leaves. Put your left over leaves in a small bowl with a little bit of water in the bottom. After a few days you will see roots start to grow. You can then plant them into soil or compost and grow a new lettuce or cabbage.

You can regrow celery as well by putting the bottom in a bowl with some warm water at the bottom and put it in direct sunlight. After about a week you will see new leaves start to grow out of the base. You can then plant these in a pot and grow your own fresh celery.

There are lots of other things you can grow around your house. Why not look for ideas on the internet and see what else you can come up with.

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