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To apply for a place on any of our courses, please complete the online application form.

Your training application will be acknowledged and you will receive email confirmation of the course approximately a week before the session.

If you wish to contribute to training sessions through the medium of Welsh please indicate this on your form so that a translator can attend. The translator will be present throughout the course to translate into English everything that governors wish to say in Welsh. If you request translation facilities, it is very important to inform the school and governor unit if for any reason you are then unable to attend as the facility may have been arranged just for you. If we know in advance, the translator can be cancelled.

Courses may have to be cancelled if the number of applications is very low (below 8 applicants), you will be notified of this.

Training can be provided for an individual governing body or for a group of governing bodies and that governing body self review is recommended to all governing bodies.

If you are unable to attend a course you applied for please let the school and governor unit know. If the number of governors who actually turn up is lower than anticipated it can make discussion and group work difficult.

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