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Furnished council housing

We can provide you with the essential furniture you need to help make your house into a home.

Once you have accepted an offer of a property (and included a furniture request) then one of our furnished tenancy officers will contact you to assess your needs and confirm a weekly price. We will then deliver your chosen furniture before you move in and arrange a convenient date and time for a qualified engineer to connect your cooker at no further cost.

What furniture you will receive depends on your family size, but you can choose from beds and bedroom furniture, sofas, dining furniture and kitchen appliances. You simply choose what you need.

Cost of furniture

All products have a points value and your total points will decide your weekly charge.

If you are a Housing Benefit or Universal Credit claimant you may be eligible for all or part of your weekly payment. If you are on a tight budget, or have some items already, you can choose just a few items with a much lower weekly price.

These charges apply to tenancies that started on or after March 2021.

Weekly cost of points
PointsWeekly cost (as at April 2024 - subject to annual increase)
Up to 50 points (minimum 2 items)£8.42
51 - 100 points£10.78
101 - 150 points£19.84
151 - 250 points£25.63
251 - 300 points£26.88
Cost of furniture in points
Double bed14 points
Single bed13 points
Double wardrobe8 points
Chest of drawers6 points
2 seater sofa17 points
3 seater sofa20 points
Sofa bed24 points
Table and chairs19 points
Fridge freezer20 points
Electric cooker25 points
Washing machine 6kg16 points
Washing machine 8kg23 points
Cot and mattress11 points
Highchair3 points
Safety gate3 points

Repairs and replacement

Things sometimes go wrong and appliances can break down. If this happens we will send an engineer to repair and if we cannot do so we will replace the appliance for new.

Over time furniture can become old and worn. If this happens we will also replace it for new, giving you peace of mind and no unexpected bills, as this is included in your weekly cost.

An exception to this is if the damage is found to be your fault. In this case we may invoice you for the damage.


If you decide you longer need an item we will collect it from you. You may then be eligible to pay a lower weekly price. However, it's important that you return items to us in good condition or we may invoice you for the damage.

You can end your furnished tenancy at any time. Just contact us and we will arrange to collect everything from you and end your agreement.

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Last modified on 24 June 2024