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Why do we pay people to foster?

The simple answer is that our foster carers need to be able to support themselves and the children they look after.

We select, train and support our foster carers carefully as they have an important role in providing a secure home for the children in their care.

We value our foster carers and we recognise that fostering is a very active, professional role which can be challenging, but also rewarding. Have a look at our foster carer's diary to see what a typical week might look like.

The main focus is the children in our care - fostering can help relieve a temporary family situation or be a longer term placement.

At the moment we are looking for parent and child foster families, who will help the parent (or parents) and child create a great bond and promote excellent parenting techniques, with the ultimate goal of keeping families together wherever possible.

Why do we promote the amount we pay foster carers?

We promote the amount we pay our foster carers because many people don't realise that it could be affordable for them to foster. People that are thinking about a career change or may want to return to a caring role may not be aware that they would get paid for being a foster carer.

If you'd like to know more about fostering please ring 01792 533213 or come along to one of our fostering events.

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