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Fostering - what support will I get?

Life as a foster carer is highly rewarding. This is especially true for Foster Swansea carers who are part of a large team that will support you every step of the way.

Contact usIn addition to your own support network, through family and close friends, you can rely on the abundance of support available from the Foster Swansea team.  While we recognise that the fostering role can be difficult and demanding, we view our carers as professionals who possess an ever-increasing level of skills and responsibility. 

Our package of training assists our carers to develop to their full potential.

Support available:

  • 24 hour support every day of the year
  • A designated Supervising Social Worker assigned to every carer to support and advise you
  • Support from a large network of fellow Foster Swansea carers in the area
  • Regular support groups for Foster Swansea carers to share best practice, advice and experiences
  • All Foster Swansea carers receive extensive pre-approval training relevant to the type of foster care you are planning to provide
  • As an approved Foster Carer, additional on-going training is available and encouraged, covering a wide range of areas
  • Foster Swansea pay our carers every week of the year, whether children are placed or not
  • All Foster Swansea carers receive a carers handbook which can be used as a reference and includes helpful guidelines and information
  • Foster Swansea carers also receive regular newsletters from the team
  • Foster Swansea pay for individual membership to The Fostering Network for all our foster carers
  • Foster Swansea approved carers will receive log-in details to access a section of the Foster Swansea website dedicated to current carers

Support for the whole family 

Foster Swansea aims to promote the welfare of the whole family that fosters.  In particular, we acknowledge the vital role that the sons and daughters of our foster carers play in fostering.  Foster Swansea aim to ensure that these children have sufficient support networks in place. 

Dependent upon the age of your children, they may access training in relation to fostering and be provided with relevant materials to help them.

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