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Benefits of fostering with the local authority

All children in care are "looked after" by their own local authority. It is therefore the responsibility of Foster Swansea to find suitable homes for children and young people. We believe that by increasing our pool of Foster Swansea carers we can provide better outcomes for children and also better outcomes for our carers.

Contact usIf we cannot place children or young people with our own Foster Swansea carers then we buy in the services of Independent Fostering Agency (IFAs), many of whom are profit making and more costly for us.

Better outcomes for carers

  • We naturally approach our own approved carers first.  As an approved carer with Foster Swansea you are therefore likely to be fully utilised.
  • Foster Swansea carers benefit from excellent communication channels as all relevant people in the child's life are part of the same authority.
  • Foster Swansea carers are also part of a large, extended team who can ensure they are well trained and supported.
  • Travel time should be minimised as Foster Swansea carers live in the same locality as the children in their care, so maintaining contact with friends, family and school is easier.
  • Foster Swansea carers are part of a large network of Foster Carers who offer support to one another.  There are currently over 170 families fostering in the area for Foster Swansea so you will almost certainly be living close to someone else going through the same tasks as you.
  • Financial support offered by Foster Swansea is very competitive and skills based payments recognise the experience and skills you gain.
  • Foster Swansea carers' have access to excellent professional training programmes and have the opportunity to complete NVQ training.
  • Foster Swansea promote the welfare of Foster Swansea carers own children, ensuring appropriate support is in place for them.

Better outcomes for looked after children

  • By placing children with our own approved carers, we have a good relationship with them and know that they are well trained and supported, ensuring best outcomes for the child.
  • Foster Swansea carers have access to the whole team involved in the child's life, ensuring a consistent approach is taken.
  • Children and young people placed with Foster Swansea are more likely to remain in their local communities, minimising disruption and distress as they can stay at their school and maintain contact with friends and family.
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