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What our foster carers say

What our foster carers say about us...

Contact usWe consult with foster carers to find out what they feel is working well and what needs to happen next to further improve our service.  We believe that children and young people who are fostered deserve the highest standards of care and to receive a high quality service. 

The service offered by our foster carers who we work in partnership with is the key to ensure the best interests of the child are met. 

This is a snapshot of the feedback we received:

"We would rate Foster Swansea as an outstanding Fostering Service"

Almost 80% agree with this

We are extremely pleased that when asked to rate our Fostering Service as a whole on a scale of 1-10, 10 being an outstanding Fostering Service, the majority rated our service as 8 or above.  Some quotes include;

"Congratulations to the team for an excellent years work!"

"Foster Swansea have recruited many new foster carers, the recruitment is working really well and they have more placements available for children in need"

"We work with a good team at Foster Swansea and are proud of the achievements of Foster Swansea"

"Very impressed with the outcomes of Foster Swansea this year, very pleased to be part of it"

"One of the best things about Foster Swansea is the support"

When asked what is the best thing about Foster Swansea the majority of responses highlighted the support offered.  Some quotes include;

"I have had excellent support from my supervising social worker and feel part of the team"

"Always help with a smile, brilliant team"

"I feel very supported.  Children's needs are paramount"

"Foster Swansea supply an excellent out of hours service for foster carers"

"Foster Swansea listens to foster carers"

Almost 80% agree with this

This feedback was very pleasing as it's so important that we work in partnership with all those involved in the child's life to ensure the best interests of the child are met.  Key to this is the service offered by our Foster Carers.

At Foster Swansea we value each and every one of our carers and the role they play greatly.  The skills, knowledge, experience and support they collectively bring to the service enables us to provide the best outcomes for children.

"Foster Swansea listen to us and are good with our own children"

"Foster Swansea listen to foster carers and are very good at communicating with us"

When you think about fostering, what are you most proud of?"

We asked foster carers to tell us about what they are proud of about fostering and it was lovely to see such fantastic, positive comments which gave us a good picture of what fostering is about in Swansea.  Comments included;

"Seeing a foster child happy, safe and secure in a stable home"

"Giving older children a chance in life and helping them achieve their potential"

"I'm proud that we are able to help families stay together and give support they need"

The results are based on feedback received at our Foster Carer's Annual Consultation Day.  85 foster carers attended the event and provided feedback.

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