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Food waste collection

Use your green bin for your weekly food waste collection.

Food waste bin

To ensure your bins are collected please:

  • Use the free green bins provided
  • Put your bins out for collection between 7.00pm the evening before your collection and 7.00am on the morning of your collection day
  • Keep your caddy clean by using the free liners provided
  • Paint or write your house number on your bin
  • Use our recycling and rubbish collection search to find out what day we collect from your street

Where can I get a food bin from?

Food bins are available to collect for free from any council library or housing office. See our full list to find your nearest location.

We will provide a small caddy to keep in your kitchen which you can line with the food waste bags and a larger outdoor bin with a lockable lid for storage and the crews to collect from.

If you are unable to collect a bin you can request a delivery. Please note that deliveries may take up to 10 working days to complete.

What to put in the bins

Yes please

Put the following items into your food waste bin:

  • Cereals and seeds
  • Cheese
  • Coffee grounds, tea bags and tea leaves
  • Egg shells
  • Fish and meat
  • Fruit and vegetable peelings
  • Left over cooked food (eg rice, pasta, vegetables)
  • Stale bread
  • Small bones up to and including chicken carcass, lamb bone or anything left over from a typical family Sunday roast
No thank you

Do not put the following items into your food waste bin:

  • Card, cardboard or kitchen paper
  • Large bones

Keep it out - food wasteKeep food waste out of your black bags

A recent survey found that more than a quarter of black bag waste in Swansea was food.

Why should you keep food waste out of black bags?

  • This causes bags to smell which encourages animals to tear them open creating a mess on your street.
  • This waste is buried underground in landfill sites where it rots and releases harmful greenhouse gasses.
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