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Food and growing

We want everyone in Swansea to have the opportunity, ability and confidence to access a healthy and suitable diet.

We are supporting work in communities by working with partners to increase the access to healthy and affordable food.  This includes increasing the amount of healthy and affordable food items available at community level, passing on the knowledge and skills to shop and cook on a budget and providing opportunities to 'grow your own' food.

Community growing

Encouraging people to grow their own food helps more people to live healthy and sustainable lifestyles. We are working to increase the number of growing spaces available to communities and are looking at areas which currently have little or no growing spaces.

If you are interested in setting up a community growing project we can provide further guidance and also offer funding through our  grants. 

Swansea Community Growing Network

The aim of the Swansea community growing network is to promote and support community growing in Swansea: to improve self-sufficiency, food security, access to affordable, healthy produce, and community cohesion and resilience.

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