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The deadline for applications has been extended to 28 August 2020.

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Grants for residents affected by flooding

Swansea residents affected by recent floods have the opportunity to apply for Welsh Government funding to help recover from this month's storms.

Welsh Government has set up an emergency flood relief scheme which will provide immediate financial support to people whose homes have been flooded. Applications can be made for all households that have suffered flood damage as an impact of storms in February 2020.

The Welsh Government will make Emergency Assistance Payments from its discretionary assistance fund (DAF) to affected residents for grants of up to £500 for those who are insured, and £1,000 for those who are not.

Only residents whose homes (not their gardens / outbuildings / decking) were flooded are eligible for the payments.

DAF have confirmed that anyone flooded by previous storms (eg those of November 2019) is not eligible for one of these payments.

How to apply

Our Benefits Service have been briefed about the form and how to support citizens who need to make an application to the fund. They will be able to assist qualifying applicants to fill out the Welsh Government's online form and also provide confirmation to DAF that the property concerned has been flooded.

The Benefits Service will be using a list provided by the council's Highways Department as proof that properties have been flooded. This list is being updated continually. If the authority is not aware that a property has been flooded, alternative confirmation will need to be obtained which may include a visit to the address. All evidence options will be explored with the aim of minimising difficulties for the applicant.

When telephoning us to make a claim to the fund, affected residents will also need to provide the following:

  • Full name
  • Date of birth
  • Address including postcode
  • National insurance number
  • Bank details - so that the DAF can make the payments directly to the account
  • Insurance policy number (if they had insurance)
  • Information about who lives with them
  • Details regarding the effects of the flood

Contact our Benefits Service on: 01792 635353.

Assistance can also be provided face to face in the Contact Centre at the Civic Centre, Oystermouth Road or by ringing the Tenancy Support Unit on 01792 774360.

You can make an application to the fund without being assisted by the council but we are advised by the Partnership Manager for DAF that the process of obtaining a payment will take longer as there will be a need to provide evidence of the flooding. The best option is therefore to be assisted by us.

Application forms and qualifying information available here:


Discretionary Council Tax relief for residents who have been flooded

To provide extra support, we have determined to award additional financial support by using our discretion, permitted by law in extreme circumstances, to reduce the Council Tax payable for homes that were flooded as a result of the recent storms to NIL, for a six month period from the date of the flooding.

This relief will be awarded automatically to the people we have already helped to successfully apply for the Welsh Government emergency payments. The details of anyone the council helps to make a successful application for a payment from now onwards, will be passed from the Benefits Section to the Council Tax Section for the reduction in Council Tax to be applied.

Residents who were flooded by storms other than the recent Ciara and Dennis, perhaps those in November 2019, may also be eligible for this discretionary relief (not the DAF emergency payment) but we will not be able to award it automatically as no emergency payment will have been made by Welsh Government to use as a trigger. They will need to contact us to make a request and we will ask for any necessary supporting evidence needed. Anyone in that situation should contact the Council Tax Section for advice on what they need to do on 01792 635382.

Residents whose home was flooded to the extent that they have had to move out, may be entitled to a full exemption from Council Tax until they can move back in, while the property is being repaired,. This can be allowed for up to 12 months. People in that situation should again contact the Council Tax Section on 01792 635382 for advice.

Should anyone remain unable to re-occupy their property by the end of that 12 month period, we will consider what further support can be allowed at that time.

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