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Flags flown outside council buildings

Find out what flags are flying outside Civic Centre and the Guildhall.

What flags are flown and when
FlagWhen it flies
National flag of Wales - Welsh dragon24 hours
National flag of the United Kingdom - Union flag/Union Jack24 hours
Flag of St David - gold cross on black backgroundSt David's Day (1 March)
Commonwealth flag - gold globe surrounded by 34 gold spears on a blue backgroundCommonwealth Day (12 March)
Lord Mayor's flag - civic crest on white backgroundLord Mayor's Inauguration Day (approx 8 May)
English and Welsh house flags - red council logo on white backgroundLord Mayor's Inauguration Day (approx 8 May)
Armed Forces Day flag - Union Jack with Armed Forces Day textWeek leading up to Armed Forces Day (end of June)
Red Ensign - Union Jack in top left hand corner on a red backgroundMerchant Navy Day (3 September or nearest weekend)
Rainbow flagLGBT history month (February)
Swansea Pride (first weekend in May)
Council children's rights flag - Dilly Dragon logo on white backgroundUniversal Children's Day (20 November)

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Last modified on 26 July 2021