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Lesson 5 - Fish for my family

Fish for my Family looks at how children can survey their family to find out their eating habits. Part of the lesson is for children to discuss the persuasion of advertising and how they might use this to advertise fish to their family & friends. A branding exercise will really engage the children. This theme helps to deliver Science and English.

This lesson will enable children to:

Know some of the basic health benefits of eating fish;

Know that everyone should eat more fish (two portions a week - one of which should be oily);

Create an advert to persuade their family to eat more fish using information they have learned about fish and persuasive devices, e.g. positive language.

Lesson plan

Use the Did you know? PowerPoint to talk to children about fish and its health benefits.

You could use the Fish is fantastic IWA to reinforce the children's knowledge about fish.

Lesson 5 - Fish for my family (PDF) [197KB]

Fabulous fish dishes poster (PDF)

Fabulous fish dishes poster

Lesson 5 worksheets (PDF)

Including: Wonderful words worksheet, My fish advent worksheet, My fish brand worksheet, Eat more fish worksheet.

Did you know PowerPoint (Powerpoint)

Did you know PowerPoint

Eat well, eat fish poster (PDF)

Eat well, eat fish poster

Fish is fantastic (ZIP)

Interactive Whiteboard Activity
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