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Lesson 4 - Fish facts

When looking at fish facts, the children get the chance to explore how taking exercise and eating the right types and amounts of food help humans to keep healthy. This theme links into Science in the current curriculum. This activity will include talking to children around the Eatwell Guide.

This lesson will enable children to:

Recognise the Eatwell Guide and know it tells us how to eat healthily;

Understand how fish can be part of a healthy, varied diet;

Know how fish can be part of different meals.

Lesson plan

Explain to the children that they will be learning about healthy eating. Show the Healthy eating PowerPoint to cover the following with the children:

  • The eatwell plate - its food groups and foods within the different groups;
  • how fish contributes to a healthy, varied diet (it belongs to one of the four main food groups);
  • re-cap the different types of fish - white fish, shellfish and oily fish;
  • explore how fish can be a part of different meals.

Lesson 4 - Fish facts (PDF) [308KB]

Eat well, eat fish poster (PDF)

Eat well, eat fish poster

Lesson 4 worksheets (PDF)

Including: Fish dish game cards, My mackerel pate worksheet, Fish dish activity sheets, Pairs - fish images, Pairs - dishes images, Make a meal images.

Healthy eating and fish (ZIP)

Interactive white board activity

Healthy eating PowerPoint (Powerpoint)

Healthy eating PowerPoint

Fish dish game boards (PDF)

Fish dish game boards
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