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Lesson 3 - Fish on my plate

This lesson concentrates on design and technology helping the children develop some simple recipes along with some videos of children cooking the recipes. The children should be encouraged to evaluate the dish and suggest ways in which they think it can be improved.

This lesson will enable children to:

Identify the ingredients, equipment and skills needed to make a simple fish dish;

Use and develop simple food skills to make a fish dish;

Evaluate their dish and make suggestions about how it could be improved.

Lesson plan

Explain to the children that they will be making a fantastic fish dish - Tropical prawn rice! If you wish, the children could eat this for lunch on the day you make it. 

Lesson 3 - Fish on my plate (PDF) [192KB]

Recipe: Tropical prawn rice (PDF)

Here's our recipe for Tropical prawn rice.

Recipe: Crunchy crab cakes (PDF)

Here's our recipe for Crunchy crab cakes

Recipe: Fruity Sea Bass Salad (PDF)

Here's our recipe for Fruity Sea Bass Salad

Recipe: Plaice and pepper parcels (PDF)

Here's our recipe for Plaice and pepper parcels

Tasting and making permission slip (Word)

Tasting and making permission slip

Lesson 3 worksheets (PDF)

Including: Recipe ingredients worksheet, My fish recipe worksheet, I'm ready to cook worksheet.

I'm ready to cook (ZIP)

Interactive Whiteboard Activity

Organising tasting (Powerpoint)

Organising tasting