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Lesson 1 - Fish and me

In the first of our six lesson plans, children get the chance to explore fish species and what they can make with it. They will also be able to share their thoughts on their likes and dislikes. This theme has curriculum links to PSHE & citizenship.

This lesson will enable children to:

Share their thoughts, opinions and observations about fish and listen to those of others;

Name and recognise four to six different species of fish;

Name four to six dishes made with fish.

Lesson Plan

Explain that this lesson will be about fish and fish dishes they may have tried or seen before.

Show children the Fabulous fish dish poster and display this in the classroom.

You may wish to ask the children to complete the My tasty fish worksheet as a record of your discussion.

Lesson 1 Fish and Me (PDF) [179KB]

Fabulous fish dishes poster (PDF)

Fabulous fish dishes poster

Lesson 1 Worksheets (PDF)

Including: My tasty fish worksheet, Name that fish worksheet, What am I? worksheet, Fish photos sheet

All about fish PowerPoint (Powerpoint)

All about fish PowerPoint

Find out about fish (ZIP)

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