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Fish is the Dish

Six great lesson plans aimed at ages 9-11, plus downloadable material for teachers to use in the classroom!

Lesson 1 - Fish and me

In the first of our six lesson plans, children get the chance to explore fish species and what they can make with it. They will also be able to share their thoughts on their likes and dislikes. This theme has curriculum links to PSHE & citizenship.

Lesson 2 - Fish and my friends

Showing children how to collect information on tables and charts. Collecting information from their classmates about which species they prefer. They will then be able to discuss the results with each other. The curriculum link here is with Maths.

Lesson 3 - Fish on my plate

This lesson concentrates on design and technology helping the children develop some simple recipes along with some videos of children cooking the recipes. The children should be encouraged to evaluate the dish and suggest ways in which they think it can be improved.

Lesson 4 - Fish facts

When looking at fish facts, the children get the chance to explore how taking exercise and eating the right types and amounts of food help humans to keep healthy. This theme links into Science in the current curriculum. This activity will include talking to children around the Eatwell Guide.

Lesson 5 - Fish for my family

Fish for my Family looks at how children can survey their family to find out their eating habits. Part of the lesson is for children to discuss the persuasion of advertising and how they might use this to advertise fish to their family & friends. A branding exercise will really engage the children. This theme helps to deliver Science and English.

Lesson 6 - Fish and fitness

Fish and fitness looks at the importance of eating a healthy diet, explain how exercise affects their bodies and encourages them to make health pledges for the future in order to stay fit and healthy. This theme links to PE, Science and PSHE & citizenship.
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