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Ffynone and Uplands conservation area - review complete

In 2013 we appointed consultants (Conservation Studio) to undertake a review of the Ffynone conservation area to reassess the special architectural and historical value. This included a boundary review.

Public and stakeholder consultation was undertaken in September/October 2014 and this fed into the final document.

At its meeting on 12 January 2016, the City and County of Swansea planning committee considered the conservation area review including boundary amendments alongside feedback from the public and stakeholder consultation. A decision was made to amend the conservation area as proposed. It was also agreed that the name of the conservation area should be amended to 'the Ffynone and Uplands conservation area'.

The new information includes:

  • amended boundary
  • up to date character appraisal; and
  • management plan

Ffynone and Uplands Conservation Area: Article 4(2) Direction in relation to selected properties

The Ffynone and Uplands Conservation Area Review was subject to consultation in 2014 and the review document was approved by planning committee in January 2016. One issue highlighted was the gradual erosion of character within the conservation area due to the cumulative impact of changes to houses permissible under permitted development rights. This includes removal of architectural features, repairs using inappropriate materials, and removal of boundary walls.