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Family Play

Bringing families together through play.

Stepping In To Play

This is the chance to spend time exploring how to make time with your family more fun. It is a 6 session course packed full of ideas, activities and games to inspire families to play! Throughout the course we will look at how important play is and how it can be used to strengthen family units, build resilience and increase well-being in families.

Family Play Sessions

This is a chance to have a unique play experience for the whole family! This is an opportunity for families to experience the benefits of play and get stuck in!

Family Play Bags

An exciting bag filled with play ideas—to take home and explore with your family. Inside you will find a surprising selection of items with creative ideas of ways to play with them. All the items inside are readily available in the home and free!

How can we help you and/or your service users?

We are adaptable to a range of targeted groups.

We can also offer Guided Family Trips to locally available play resources, including parks & beaches, to support families to access their local play spaces.

If you are interested, contact the Family Play Development workers (below) for more information.

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