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Family Learning and Essential Skills

Improve your maths, English, IT skills and work prospect, or help your children with their learning.

Essential skills are the skills people need for learning, work and life. They are used every day among community members and within places of work. Essential skills come in different forms, usually categorised as number skills (numeracy), communication and reading skills (literacy), digital literacy skills (using and understanding digital technology) and employability skills (work related skills).

Swansea's Lifelong Learning programme provides support, teaching and accreditation in all of these areas of learning, at different levels of complexity, or difficulty, from pre-entry to level 2.

We deliver many courses, such as literacy or numeracy classes, as well as provide one to one learning opportunities; for example, helping you to get your literacy qualification (GCSE English equivalent) to aid your employment prospects.

We also provide family learning classes to support the skills of both parents/guardians and their children.

Family learning

Family learning courses are delivered in partnership with schools across Swansea, to support the literacy, numeracy and digital literacy skills of parents and children. The courses run for 10 weeks and are targeted at year groups negotiated with individual schools. Courses cover literacy, numeracy and digital literacy topics to help support and develop children's skills in these areas.

The online learning sessions are fun and relaxed and build on parents' strategies and knowledge in supporting their children's learning. They provide an ideal opportunity for parents to improve their own skills, recognise how they can best support their children's learning and meet other parents and carers.

Family learning courses are an ideal opportunity for parents to be involved in the school life of their children.

Essential skills classes

The Lifelong Learning unit runs online essential skills classes which are free and open to all essential skills learners.

Classes are available for beginner and non-readers, learners wishing to gain a qualification or those wishing to update their skills. Essential Skills Wales qualifications are available from entry level to level 2 in literacy, numeracy, digital literacy and essential employability skills.

Specialist teachers work with learners to prepare a negotiated individual learning plan based on their needs and aims.

Some of our courses include:

  • Essential skills (application of numbers and communication).
  • Family learing, keeping parents in touch with their child's education.
  • Family learning delivered in English and Welsh.
  • Fast track application of numbers (subject to learner assessment result).
  • Fast track communications (subject to learner assessment result).
  • Employability courses.
  • Embedded essential skills.
  • IT for beginners.

As part of your learning, essential skills students will be taken through a short assessment, to gauge your current level of learning and help you identify your learning needs. If you know anyone who would benefit from attending essential skills classes or you would like to attend yourself then please call us on 01792 637101 for more details. You can also email us at

Lessons may be provided through Google Classrooms, by one-to-one telephone support and where necessary using printed materials. Resources used for learning may include live online video sessions, pre-recorded videos, online and printable guides and handouts, emailing and Google Stream chat.

Note: students will need a Google account to access our classroom resources. For help in setting up a Google account and accessing our online learning, you can call us on 01792 637101. 

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