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Organising an event and use of open spaces

Swansea welcomes and plays host to a wide range of local, national and international events and we can support them in many different ways.

The following is designed to help guide you through the events process from initial concepts and ideas, right through to successful delivery, as well as information on the use of Council open spaces, booking wedding photography in our parks, and working with us.

Organising an event in Swansea

Whether you are organising an event to take place on council or privately owned land you must make sure you have permission to do so and to follow the advice on these pages.

Guide to safe and successful community events

This guide has been written to provide basic advice for event organisers on various considerations that should be made in the event planning process.

Closing a road for an event

If you are planning to hold a street party or other similar event you may decide to close the road for safety reasons.

Organising a street party

Holding a street party can be an opportunity to get together with friends and neighbours and celebrate a special occasion including landmark anniversaries and events.

Event marketing

There's something amazing going on in our city every single day, whether you're into music, art, food or outdoor fun. We support these events wherever possible on the Visit Swansea Bay and Enjoy Swansea Bay marketing platforms.

Working with us

Do you have a food or catering unit, own a trade stand or are you an industry supplier and want to attend / support events in Swansea?

Use of open spaces

We welcome applications from businesses, individuals or organised groups to use Council open spaces in order to run their classes / groups.

Wedding Photography in Parks and Open Spaces

Apply to have your wedding photographs taking at some of our beautiful parks and open spaces.

Special events road closures

Orders for the closure of roads for up to 3 days, in order to hold certain special events, for example, running events.