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Owners of empty properties

Houses that are left empty are a wasted resource as there are many people looking for somewhere to live. There are a number of support options for owners to bring their empty properties back into use.

Interest free loans to help renovate empty properties

There are a number of financial schemes that can help you fund repairs to an empty property. The loans are interest free. The type of loan you can apply for depends on whether you plan to rent the property out or live in it yourself.

Welsh Government owner-occupier loans Welsh Government owner-occupier loans

Western Valleys Empty Property Grant Scheme Western Valleys Empty Property Grant Scheme

Homefix loan Homefix loan

Empty property advice

Whether you are already the owner of an empty property or if you are thinking of purchasing a property that is empty then we can offer advice. There is lots of advice below covering purchasing, renting or selling an empty property. There is also information about the council's enforcement powers and how to keep an empty property secure.

Enforcement action

Where properties are left vacant they can sometimes cause problems as their condition deteriorates. We can deal with a build-up of refuse, properties left open to unauthorised access and conditions damaging to neighbouring properties.

Thinking of renting your property

Renting your empty property can be an ideal way of providing an additional income; tends to improve the standard of the property and also discourages vandalism and crime.

Selling your empty property

There are a number of avenues you can use to sell your empty property.

Securing an empty property

Empty properties can become a target for criminals, particularly in respect of theft of copper piping or cabling which can result in water damage or other disrepair problems.

The council's enforcement powers

The council has a number of enforcement powers to improve housing standards. Some of these relate to empty properties as well as to tenanted or owner-occupied properties.

Empty property VAT exemptions

If you are thinking of renovating an empty property to let out you may be eligible for relief on VAT.

Property guardianship schemes

If you are concerned about your empty property being more vulnerable when left unoccupied then there are a number of companies on the market who can arrange for guardians to live at the property on a temporary basis.

Frequently asked questions about empty properties

Find out answers to the most common questions we get asked about empty properties.

Grants and loans for empty properties

Loans and grants are available to help carry out works on empty properties to help turn them back into occupied homes.

Grants and loans to help repair your home

There may be grants and loans available to help you make repairs to your home.

Council Tax premiums for empty properties and second homes

Long-term empty properties and second homes in Swansea are subject to a 100% Council Tax premium.