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Vehicular crossover application

Dropped kerbs, or vehicle crossovers are the lowered kerb stones that allow vehicles to access driveways and other access roads to homes.

We are able to provide dropped kerbs to properties that are approved. If you would like a crossover on a classified road (A, B or C roads) you will need to have planning permission as well.

Once we receive your application an inspector will visit the site. Formal consent and a fixed price quotation will then be forwarded to you. We aim to do this within 4 weeks, but it may take slightly longer during busy periods.

The actual construction of the crossover will normally be completed within eight weeks of receipt of payment (made in advance) for the full cost of the works.

You should note that the council does not allow the construction of the crossovers by private individuals.

  1. Swansea Council is the data controller for the personal information you provide on this form. We are collecting this information as part of our obligation under Highways Act 1980 s184. Your information will be used to help us fulfil our legal obligation and will not be used for any other purpose. We will not share your data with third parties unless we are required or permitted to do so by law.

    Data protection law describes the legal basis for our processing your data as necessary for compliance with a legal obligation. For further information about how Swansea Council uses your personal data, including your rights as a data subject, please see our corporate privacy notice on our website.
  2. An application form must be submitted for every new crossover whether planning permission was required or not. A fee of £92.00 must be received at the time of application (non-refundable).

    This fee is to cover the necessary administrative costs borne by the Authority for processing the consent. On receipt of your application, an inspector will visit the property to gather relevant information.

    Fields marked * are required
  3. Applicant details
    1. Correspondence Address
    2. We will email you confirmation details. Please provide an email address we can contact you on.
    3. Address/location of crossover (if different to applicant address)
  4. Crossover details
    1. Should you require additional works, these will be priced and included in the quotation by the inspector when visiting the property. Additional works can include things such as the removal of trees; relocation of lighting columns etc.
    2. Name and address of owner (if different to applicant details)
      1. Has permission of owner been obtained?
      2. Before an access can be constructed, please upload a copy of the owner's approval.
      3. Housing Department properties require their permission before an access can be constructed, please enclose a copy of the approval with this application.
  5. Classification of road
    1. Please refer to step one of the guidance notes: Vehicular crossover guidance notes

      If you are unsure, please contact the Highways Department
    2. Please upload a copy of the planning consent.
    3. Planning permission may be required on unclassified (D) roads. You will be advised accordingly if the Highway Authority consider this to be necessary.
  6. Residents parking bays
    1. If the proposed crossing is located within a Resident/Permit Holders Only parking bay, the application may still be approved. However, additional fees will be levied to revoke any existing parking orders, or place/remove road markings. A separate quotation will be provided by the Traffic Department.
    2. Is the proposed access point within a Resident Only parking bay? *
  7. Do you require a H-Bar white line? *
  8. Please note: an additional £80.00 will be added to the construction costs if an H-Bar is requested and approved. Requests for H-Bars may be rejected (see vehicular crossover guidance notes).
  9. Land in other ownership
    1. The presence of land in other ownership, over which the crossover will pass (ie. between the boundary of the property and the public highway) must be declared by the applicant (eg. common, amenity or a retained strip of land).
    2. Are you aware of any such land? *
    3. If YES please obtain consent in writing from the owner, and upload a copy of this written consent.
  10. Works within your property
    1. It is important you contact the Highways Department if you intend to undertake works within your property before approval is granted or the crossing is constructed. This is to ensure driveway levels and positions are correct as the footway cannot be changed to suit incorrect, internal levels. Highways staff will be happy to advise if requested.
  11. Sketch of proposed vehicle crossover
    1. Please upload a sketch to show your proposed vehicle crossover providing as much detail as possible. This will assist in providing accurate information for the approval and pricing. Details required are the position in relation to the property ie. left, right, front or rear and special requirements such as extra width. Please note there must be a minimum parking area within your property of 5 metres depth by 2.4 metres width, or 8 metres width by 2.4 metres depth if parking parallel to the property. Your vehicle must not overhang the highway when parked. Requests which do not meet these minimum requirements will be rejected.
  12. Declaration
    1. I declare that I have read and understood the Guidance Notes and that all the particulars given on this application are true and accurate.
  13. Application payment details
    1. An application form must be completed for every new crossover whether planning permission was required or not. A fee of £92.00 must be received at the time of application (non-refundable). This fee is to cover the necessary administrative costs borne by the authority for processing the consent. On submission of this form, you will be taken to secure payment.

      On receipt of your application, an inspector will visit the property to gather relevant information.
    2. Do you need to discuss your requirements with the inspector prior to their site visit? *
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