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Frequently asked questions about discretionary housing payments

Find out answers to the most common questions we get asked about discretionary housing payments (DHPs).

How many applications were made to the council and how many were unsuccessful?

DHP applications
 Total number of DHP applicationsNumber of unsuccessful applications

On average, how long does processing a DHP application take, from receiving the application to providing the final decision to the applicant?

On average around 3 weeks. However it could take longer if the applicant does not provide the necessary information requested to decide the claim.

Do you include a person's Disability Living Allowance as part of their household income? 


What figure has the government given for your DHP fund in each financial year since 2010/11?

2021/22 - £396,905.00 (this is our initial allocation of funds - we will be informed later in the year of any additional funding)
2020/21 - £635,429.00
2019/20 - £585,574.00
2018/19 - £654,888.00
2017/18 - £676,515.00
2016/17 - £538,741.00
2015/16 - £460,560.00
2014/15 - £528,985.00
2013/14 - £575,191.00
2012/13 - £217,609.00
2011/12 - £85,995.00
2010/11 - £67,739.00

Did you exceed the government Discretionary Housing Payment allocation in the last financial year? Did your council top up its government allocation?

Yes our DHP fund was exceeded and topped up by £2,591.83 in 2020/21.

What is the shortest period of time you have awarded a DHP for?

1 day for removal expenses, overlapping benefit on 2 homes prior to occupation could also be a day.

Do you restrict the number of DHP awards an applicant can receive?

No restrictions are made.